Voyage Cannabis oil recalled in Canada due to mislabeling

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A recall has been issued for nine lots of cannabis oil from British Columbia-based Voyage Cannabis Corp., the latest example of a Canadian marijuana recall stemming from incorrect labeling.

Health Canada says the recall issued Nov. 13 involves nine lots of Voyage’s cannabis oils, which were sold through adult-use cannabis retailers in B.C. and to registered medical marijuana patients.

Voyage is a subsidiary of Heritage Cannabis Holdings Corp.

More than 8,700 units of the recalled lots were sold between Oct. 13 and Nov. 5, according to Health Canada.

The regulator said the recalled products have outer packaging with incorrect “intended use” labels.

“The outer packaging indicates ‘intended use: inhalation’,” wrote the regulator.

“The correct intended use is ‘intended use: ingestion’. The immediate container lists the correct intended use.”

Health Canada says Voyage has received three complaints regarding the incorrect labels.

“Neither Health Canada nor Voyage Cannabis Corp. have received any adverse reaction reports for the recalled cannabis product lots,” Health Canada wrote.

Five stock-keeping units are affected by the recall:

  • Balance 15-15, under Voyage’s PureFarma brand.
  • Hemplixer 15, under the PureFarma brand.
  • Hemplixer 30, under the PureFarma brand.
  • Daybreak Sativa Honey Oil Drops, under the PuraVida brand.
  • Nightfall Indica Honey Oil Drops under the PuraVida brand.

Recalled lot numbers are available on Health Canada’s recalls website.

British Columbia’s government-operated online BC Cannabis Store says the recall was voluntary, and advises customers seeking a return to contact its customer care team.

The Voyage recall is far from the first labeling-related recall of regulated marijuana in Canada.

Other labeling-related recalls in recent months include a mislabeled cannabis extract from Radient Technologies, mislabeled cannabis flower from Abba Medix Corp., and mislabeled pre-rolled joints from Sundial Growers.