Washington Bill Would Preserve MMJ Industry

Medical marijuana advocates in Washington State have proposed a bill that would allow the state’s MMJ industry to keep functioning after the implementation of I-502, the law that legalized recreational marijuana.

The new measure, called House Bill 2233, would create a mechanism for licensing and regulating medical marijuana dispensaries as well as cultivators, and it would allow patients to grow their own cannabis, both individually and as collectives. It would also allow doctors that specialize in marijuana licensing to keep functioning.

I-502, which voters approved in November 2012, does not directly address the state’s largely unregulated medical marijuana industry. But the state’s Liquor Control Board, which oversees the recreational marijuana industry, has proposed a plan that effectively wipes out the medical side of the industry.

Under the Liquor Control Board’s plan, only recreational marijuana retail shops can sell the plant. Medical patients would not pay the same taxes as recreational customers, and patients would still be allowed to grow at home. But clinics that specifically grant medical marijuana prescriptions would be shut down.

Proponents of this plan argue that the medical marijuana program undercuts the recreational marijuana industry because patients do not pay the same taxes as recreational customers.

The new bill was introduced on Tuesday, the opening day of Washington’s legislative session. The bill’s authors were in Olympia on Tuesday meeting with lawmakers to discuss the legislation. According to John Davis, CEO of the Northwest Patient Resource Center, the next step is to introduce the bill into various committees. Davis is hopeful that legislators could vote on the bill by the end of the year.

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5 comments on “Washington Bill Would Preserve MMJ Industry
  1. Windy City on

    …there are many good reasons to maintain MMJ dispensaries. The many varying strains of marijuana are known to treat a multitude of afflictions, with one strain being found to be more effective on a certain ailment and so on.

    The more science discovers the usefulness of the different cannabinoids on our ECS, the easier it will be to prescribe, or recommend, a particular strain for treatment…

  2. sals on

    When the liquor control board and those legislators and lobbyists can absolutely prove beyond the shadow of a doubt that cannabis has no medicinal value, then they can make it all recreational…..since they can’t with all the current research, then they need to simply proceed with recreational and leave medical marijuana alone….yes regulate it more….everything should be tested for mold and mildew, potency, etc…..but take their greedy hands off it.

  3. bongstar420 on

    Just institute a medical card that exempts users from taxation and provides for higher possession limits for serious conditions that require high treatment levels.

  4. MichaelMayo on

    We, the People of Washington State, pushed through our Medical Marijuana laws here in Washington State…now the politicians are at it again…trying to pervert the will of the people by changing them. Get off your butts and fight this or we will lose what we have gained…

    Gov. Jay Inslee…leave the laws alone that WE, the People, have passed…

  5. Bill Middlebrook on

    Yes, the feds are blocking issuance (illegally) of permits illegally against any applicants…I wouldn’t be suprised if the fed is demanding lists of anyone with patient or dispensary related permits for use to round up “offenders” at some later point in time…much like Nazi’s tracked all firearms in existance, tracked all firearm production and distribution….PEOPLE WAKE UP…the right wing Pax Romana agenda is to make you subserviant to their desires and wipe out the american dream through supreme support of big businesses rather than the people, proxy wars in interest of big companies such as Haliburton, etc. etc…..when will these mongers wake up and live in accordance with the ideals of our constitution? Do they serve the people or the Lobbyists on Gucci avenue lining their coffers and pushing them into power.

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