Washington state cannabis businesses get help with tracking system transition

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The majority of license holders in Washington state have turned to BioTrackTHC’s Universal Cannabis System as a stopgap measure while the industry operates without a state-sanctioned seed-to-sale framework.

Florida-based BioTrackTHC’s seed-to-sale contract expired Oct. 31, and the state’s new provider – Denver-based MJ Freeway’s Leaf Data Systems – isn’t expected to go online until Jan. 2018 at the earliest.

In the meantime, BioTrackTHC developed a workaround that’s essentially a clone of the seed-to-sale system it previously provided to Washington state.

The move is raising the question among Washington state business owners whether the industry must rely on state-contracted seed-to-sale systems or possibly remain compliant by self-reporting in this manner.

According to a news release, BioTrackTHC’s clone system allows licensees who signed up for the program to forgo manually creating spreadsheets to report data to the state.

BioTrackTHC has also agreed to allow third-party software providers to submit data to the system on behalf of their customers.

Producer/processors and retailers can integrate their system with BioTrackTHC’s program if they use the following software:

  • WeedTraQR
  • GrowFlow
  • Mr. Kraken
  • TraceWeed
  • GreenBits
  • S2Solutions
  • DopePlow

In the release, BioTrackTHC said more than 1,600 of the 1,700 cannabis licensees in Washington state are using the stopgap system. The system is free for November but will cost users $50 a month after that.