Washington DC council bans marijuana clubs

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The Washington DC City Council has decided to ban cannabis smoking clubs following a narrow 7-6 vote Tuesday, Reuters reported.

City representatives and Mayor Muriel Bowser, who opposes the clubs, have grappled with the issue almost since District of Columbia voters approved recreational marijuana in 2014. The law, which went into effect in 2015, permits home growing and possession of cannabis, but not sales and other commercial activity.

Washington DC councilors came close to banning clubs in February, but instead voted to create a task force to explore whether the city should allow marijuana consumption – but not sales – in such clubs.

The task force was given until Sept. 20 to issue its recommendations, but never got the chance because of the early council vote, according to the Washington City Paper.

The full council must hold one more vote to confirm the measure.

A recent Washington City Paper poll found that 61% of city voters support the creation of private clubs for marijuana consumption.