Washington DC Mayor Seeks to Ban ‘Cannabis Clubs’

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With private marijuana use on track to become legal in Washington DC on Thursday barring Congressional intervention, the city’s mayor is looking to prevent private cannabis clubs from popping up.

Mayor Muriel Bowser will submit emergency legislation to essentially ban pseudo-businesses that help facilitate the exchange and consumption of cannabis among members for a certain fee, according to the Washington Times.

Bowser said her goal is to keep grows and use in private residences.

Legalization will take effect on Thursday when the Congressional review period mandated for all Washington DC laws ends – unless legislators move to block Initiative 71, which was approved by a majority of voters in November.

The measure allows adults to possess up to 2 ounces of marijuana, grow up to six plants in their homes and transfer up to an ounce to other users. But it doesn’t allow commercial grows or the sale of cannabis.

Congress unexpectedly decided to block implementation of the law despite the majority vote by DC residents. But Bowser has said she will follow the will of local voters and proceed anyway.