DC Mayor: City Will Fight for Rec Marijuana Law

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Washington DC isn’t giving up the fight on legalized cannabis.

The city will “explore every option” to get a voter-approved marijuana law enforced, Mayor Muriel Bowser, who took office on Jan. 2, said Sunday on Meet The Press.

If successful, DC could eventually allow the actual sale of cannabis via retail stores.

The law, which passed in November with nearly 65% of the vote, allows adults to possess a small amount of marijuana and cultivate up to three plants at home. But Congress, which oversees laws in the city, passed a spending bill that effectively bars the city from enforcing the law.

Bowser said on the television show that she wants to work with Congress so police officers are clear on what is legal in the city with regard to marijuana use. The mayor didn’t rule out a lawsuit when asked on Meet The Press if suing is an option, saying she wants the will of DC voters to be enforced.

Council Chairman Phil Mendelson told the Washington Post last month that the council plans to ignore the provision passed by Congress that would overturn Initiative 71 legalizing adult use of cannabis in the city, and would send a measure to lawmakers for implementation. Bowser said the measure would be sent to Congress sometime in January.