Hope for DC Rec Market Still Alive

It looks like hope may still be alive for a recreational marijuana market in Washington DC.

According to The Washington Post, DC City Council Chairman Phil Mendelson plans to ignore a provision included in an omnibus spending bill passed by Congress recently that would overturn the wildly popular Initiative 71, which legalizes adult use and consumption of cannabis in DC.

Instead of following the provision, he’ll send a measure to Congress to implement Initiative 71. The measure would face a 30-day review, during which Congress could either veto the bill or take no action, thereby allowing marijuana legalization to stand by default.

“I don’t feel that I have any choice,” Mendelson told The Post. “The voters have spoken.”

If Congress doesn’t veto Mendelson’s measure, then it’s possible – even probable – that the DC council will take steps to enact a recreational marijuana industry in the nation’s capital. The council had been discussing the possibility even before the vote on 71 in November.

Mendelson and other DC Democrats are betting that the move will prove fruitful, given that a number of high-profile Congressional Republicans have been saying for months that they have bigger priorities to deal with. And some, like Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul, have said outright that they think Congress should keep out of local DC politics and let the city rule itself.

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2 comments on “Hope for DC Rec Market Still Alive
  1. Richard Kennedy on

    The DC Council has done more than discuss the possibility of recreational sales–there is a tax & regulate bill and the Council held an eight-hour hearing on it on Oct. 30. About 3/4 of the 40+ witnesses were in favor, and it appears to have the support of a majority on the Council, plus the incoming mayor. But it is more vulnerable to congressional interference than Initiative 71 because it would require spending.

  2. SillyRabbit on

    DC will prevail even if they have to take to the Courts …..

    Once DC is done the rest of the USA will be asking if OKAY there why not here …..

    Additionally most of the USA will be onboard once the
    Federal Status One is lifted, which may very well happen in 2015 – early 2015!

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