Washington state man sues 6 cannabis firms, alleges products caused lung illness

A Washington state man is suing six cannabis vape companies for allegedly causing his lung illness, reportedly the first suit of its kind in the state.

The suit filed by Herrmann Law Group on behalf of Charles Wilcoxen, a Puyallup Tribal Police officer, claims marijuana vape products caused him to come down with lipoid pneumonia, which put him in the hospital earlier this month.

The six companies named in the lawsuit are:

  • Canna Brand Solutions (Everett)
  • Conscious Cannabis (Spokane Valley)
  • Rainbow’s Aloft (Colville)
  • LeafWerx (Wenatchee)
  • MFused (Spokane)
  • Jane’s Garden (Lake Stevens)

In the complaint, Wilcoxen alleges the vaporizer he purchased and used was made by CCell, a Chinese corporation, and distributed by Canna Brand Solutions. 

The other companies named in the suit manufactured or sold the vape cartridges that Wilcoxen alleges made him sick.

Canna Brand Solutions declined to comment for this story.

Meanwhile, the Utah Department of Health announced that 47 cases of lung damage related to vaping cases have been reported, according to the Associated Press. 

The department says 90% of the people who got sick reported vaping THC.

However, Utah doesn’t have a licensed marijuana program. The regulators shepherding the medical cannabis program are hoping for a March 2020 launch.

Nationwide, more than 500 lung illnesses and nine deaths have been linked to vaping.

Associated Press contributed to this story.

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2 comments on “Washington state man sues 6 cannabis firms, alleges products caused lung illness
  1. Kush Kringle on

    am i the only one who read that a Tulalip Tribal Police officer SMOKES WEEEEEEED?????!??!?! thats funny being how he and his comrades prob lock up quite a few people recently ( LAST 4.5 Yrs ) for Drug Related DUI HOWEVER your smoking cannabis on your day off ( to give him credit ) and the cannabis is STILL in your system when your return on duty… SO if you got in a accident or a shooting and they tested your blood WHAT WOULD THAT MEAN ? Any ideas ? im genuinely curious

  2. Stop Blaming Others on

    Or the fact that CCells are a premium brand, best in class for vape carts, and not the Chinese knock offs that have been causing the issues.

    They already identified that it wasn’t the hardware (the cartridge) that was the problem, rather companies that were mixing their product with Vitamin E to thicken up the product. And even though Vitamin E is good for you, it’s not good for you to inhale it.

    Likewise, 500 cases of illness and 8 deaths, could very well be from people who were not healthy enough to inhale things into their lungs. How many people have heart attacks from running marathons, but we don’t ban marathons, or unfit people from taking part in them. We tell people that they are not fit enough for that strenuous of activity, but the decision is ultimately in the runners hands. Heck people have heart attacks during sex. We’re not telling them to stop. Maybe if you are having problems inhaling something into your lungs, YOU SHOULD STOP. Not blame the industry.


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