Weights, measures group seeks to set standards for cannabis industry

The National Conference of Weights and Measures (NCWM) has formed a marijuana task group to develop universal standards for the cannabis industry.

Several groups have tried to create a body of standards, but developing industrywide guidelines has been a challenge.

The NCWM is a nonprofit association of state and local weights and measures officials, federal agencies, manufacturers, retailers and consumers, according to a news release.

The Nebraska-based group’s focus is on customer protection and maintaining a level playing field for businesses, according to the release.

The NCWM hopes to answer several questions involving the cannabis sector, including:

  • What are the precision requirements for scales used in direct sales?
  • What is the prescribed method of sale (weight, volume or count) for the various forms of cannabis?
  • Are there any special labeling requirements?

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3 comments on “Weights, measures group seeks to set standards for cannabis industry
  1. Mark on

    The establishment of universal standards for the industry is a daunting task. Something first and foremost must involve all industry stakeholders; governors, law enforcement, dept of ag,laboratories, growers, processors, wholesaler, distrubtors, retailers, public member, etc. Many universal standards applicable to the various aspects of the industry already exisit and so as crricial a need is a governing body to reveiew, evaluate, enforce and assure compliance.
    A greater challange in standards setting will be dosaging with lack of research, thus empirical and antecdocal reliance. This is tricky to say the least.
    Have to start somewhere; and a good start is uniform regs so can create uniform/univeral standards.
    Conversation needs to start at sta y e level. Time for governors and their state regualtory entities assigned to cannabis to get the ball rolling.

    • Bart Phart H2o on

      This is the most important issue to me personally. After watching the great building of an industry I see this as a fix to all aspects of that industry, as to be read as ” the fix is in the bag.” It looks like the Government is at the door opening of an overseeing agency from seed to sale more then likely for our own good. enough said.

  2. Brett Von Bergen on

    ASTM is already in the process of doing all of this, honestly is a waste of time for other groups to pursue these avenues without looking into the ASTM council first, as the de-facto standards that will be set will most likely be through this organization.

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