1,000-2,000 New Marijuana Jobs in Colorado

Colorado’s cannabis industry has added roughly 1,000 to 2,000 new jobs since recreational sales began on Jan. 1, according to a local industry organization.

The Marijuana Industry Group (MIG) estimates that 10,000 workers in the state are directly involved with cannabis, with 10% to 20% of them joining the industry in the last five months. The estimates include those employed by dispensaries, retail stores, cultivation sites and infused products companies but not the thousands of workers who support the industry, such as lawyers, real estate professionals and consultants.

, 1,000-2,000 New Marijuana Jobs in ColoradoThe job growth reflects the success of Colorado’s recreational cannabis market. Retail marijuana stores in the state have generated nearly $50 million in sales through March, with revenue increasing each month this year. Medical marijuana sales have held steady as well.

Most of the job growth has come on the recreational side, though the medical cannabis industry still employs more workers overall.