1,000-2,000 New Marijuana Jobs in Colorado

Colorado’s cannabis industry has added roughly 1,000 to 2,000 new jobs since recreational sales began on Jan. 1, according to a local industry organization.

The Marijuana Industry Group (MIG) estimates that 10,000 workers in the state are directly involved with cannabis, with 10% to 20% of them joining the industry in the last five months. The estimates include those employed by dispensaries, retail stores, cultivation sites and infused products companies but not the thousands of workers who support the industry, such as lawyers, real estate professionals and consultants.

, 1,000-2,000 New Marijuana Jobs in ColoradoThe job growth reflects the success of Colorado’s recreational cannabis market. Retail marijuana stores in the state have generated nearly $50 million in sales through March, with revenue increasing each month this year. Medical marijuana sales have held steady as well.

Most of the job growth has come on the recreational side, though the medical cannabis industry still employs more workers overall.

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7 comments on “1,000-2,000 New Marijuana Jobs in Colorado
  1. victoria smith on

    This is how you do it. This is what a (relatively) free market does. No lotteries, no limiting the number of licenses, no pointless delays. In Colorado we have zoning laws and all kinds of security and product control and capital requirements and staff clearance regulations, but for all that, cannabis sales are essentially free market in those cities that approve it. And this is the outcome – no increase in crime, a nice bump in sales tax revenue, ganja tourism and JOBS! The real difference here: we amended our constitution. States that have made cannabis sales legal via statute are stuck in the old reefer madness politics that try to control the market based on fear, ignorance and prejudice. For those in other states, please take note. What we have done in Colorado works. Good luck!

  2. Windy City on

    …I would also speculate that the number of employed due to the trashing of the destructive(to the American economy and health of our people) 80+ year old prohibition in the state will increase substantially once Industrial Hemp gains a firm foothold.

    With all of the uses that ihemp is known to have, there will be a cornucopia of opportunities, enough to bolster the economic cenery of the country once the federal government lifts the ban…

  3. Spencer Fuller on

    While these numbers are great. I wonder what the marijuana industry has done for other industries. How many electrician or an Hvac company have had to expand in recent years over the demand for their services in what was a slumping homebuilding economy.

  4. victoria smith on

    No sources for this, just anecdotal, and this is for the Denver metro area – budtenders usually start at $10-$12 per hour, trimmers $15-$18. Those are the entry-level jobs. Management salaries are in the $40k-$50k+ range. And yes Spencer, much money has been spent with electricians, building contractors, irrigation and security companies. Ongoing economic activity for garden supply, utilities and (this is big one) rent. It’s a new industry with great demand, so the multipliers have a big positive effect on the local economy. That’s one of the reasons I think limits on dispensaries/sales outlets are a mistake. Anyway, here in CO, it is all gud.

  5. maxwood on

    Get ready for the big one: certain terpenoids found in cannabis, including myrcene and others, are reported to RELIEVE NICOTINE CRAVING! CBD-rich varieties are said by some users to relieve anxiety and promote clarity of mind (cited as excuse to use nicotine, caffeine etc.).

    Work on this project and cure $igarette addiction, #1 worldwide medical emergency with 6,000,000 deaths and 15,000,000 more youngsters getting hooked each year, and you are in Nobel Prize territory.
    Colorado growers have a head start toward producing desirable cannabis strains, work on

  6. Alsuros on

    I want a job in this field can someone tell me where they hire for this round fort collins. Please help I want out of the food and beverage industry.

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