Despite reluctance, adult-use marijuana could be a priority for RI lawmakers in 2019

Opportunities for new and brisk cannabis businesses could develop in a number of states that might legalize adult-use marijuana in 2019, according to some industry experts.

One state on that radar is Rhode Island.

And, noting some hesitancy, the state’s Democratic lawmakers said they will likely discuss whether to legalize recreational cannabis in 2019.

Gov. Gina Raimondo said she’s looking at legalizing recreational use more seriously than she has in past years because “our hand is being forced by all of our neighbors.”

Massachusetts has legalized cannabis for adult use, and Connecticut’s incoming governor supports legalizing recreational marijuana there.

Rhode Island House Speaker Nicholas Mattiello said he’s open to discussing it, given the state could be burdened with the social costs of marijuana use without receiving any revenue.

Dominick Ruggerio, Rhode Island’s senate president, is more reluctant and points to a number of concerns – including marijuana use in the workplace.

– Associated Press

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One comment on “Despite reluctance, adult-use marijuana could be a priority for RI lawmakers in 2019
  1. Lisa Dunn on

    It’s appalling the “plan” Governor Raimondo has in mind.
    It will make it so the only people who benefit are those with big money. No more home grown – so those of us that can’t afford $400+ for an ounce are screwed – primarily the elderly and disabled.

    The tax hike is higher than any other state – only cultivators will be allowed. As far as MMP – we aren’t allowed any concessions – “sorry if it was helping your cancer but we’ve got money to be made” is the attitude and this plan will not allow any caregivers so no way to grow your own or receive any financial benefits personally.

    To be direct – I have a friend who spent over $250,000 to get the present cultivators license – he has a space with everything the state required from cameras to security. Spent umpteen dollars on growing three wonderful strains and genuinely wanted to help people (he has cancer himself).

    Now after all the state’s hoops have been jumped through – no place to sell it because the promised additional compassion centers (we have 3 – Governor promised 15 by end of 2018) it never happened and the ones in business presently already have their “regulars” – please.

    The new plan is geared towards greed – in reality our politicians only care how much they will make off of it and are angry the surrounding states stepped up so quickly. Most RIers thought we’d be first to legalize in New England since we’ve had a medical marijuana program for over a decade but all talk no action. Now that the power players are in place – Gina is all about legalizing.

    It’s truly sad. Legalization has always been a hope for us here in R.I. but not under Gina Raimondo’s terms.

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