Arkansas medical cannabis cultivator plans to start growing in February

The medical marijuana program in Arkansas – stymied by legal challenges and licensing delays – could have a cultivation facility growing and supplying marijuana in early 2019.

State regulators said they plan to launch the program then, but retail licenses haven’t been awarded yet.

The Arkansas Medical Marijuana Commission outsourced the review of dispensary license applications to Boston-based Public Consulting Group in August.

Construction of a grow owned by Natural State Wellness Enterprises could be complete in February, a Harvest Inc. executive told Talk Business & Politics, a news website focused on Arkansas.

Harvest, an Arizona-based multistate MMJ company, owns a stake in Natural State Wellness Enterprises, one of five licensed cultivators in Arkansas.

Once construction of the Arkansas facility is complete, sales of some of the company’s 120 strains could start five months after, Ben Kimbro, an Oklahoma politician and director of public affairs for Harvest, told the website.

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17 comments on “Arkansas medical cannabis cultivator plans to start growing in February
    • jd avery on

      absolutely! for many this is a matter of “life and death”for many others it’s a matter of quality of life….as a conservative ,i find it troubling that we have to to give up certain rights and moral convictions in order to secure our medicine

    • Jewell Scott II on

      Election time is near. We had enough votes to pass the medical marijuana bill, we have enough to vote the courrupt politicians out. This process needs to be expedited soon as possible. Everybody that has been approved in Arkansas for a Medical Marijuana card need to meet up in Little Rock Arkansas and let them know we’re tired and not gonna take any more of this.

  1. Asa cut your puppet strings on

    Asa, please explain the reasoning why the cultivation’s can’t start growing. The voters are losing confidence in your ability on helping the patients in need.

    • Jewell Scott II on

      Enough talking. He’s had enough time since 2016 and he’s given Arkansas not but a courrupt goverment. His newphew has been involved in scandalous activities. Apple don’t fall far from the tree.

  2. John O Lyon on

    There are more states with marijuana available than not. If these delays occurred in any other state the legislature would have been recalled and replaced. This state’s 1930s corruption is mind blowing. The very people who demonized this plant are jostling to profit from it. It’s because the state knows there is no legal reprieve as it’s federally illegal. Utter b.s.


    They seem to relish the idea of adding in all kinds of conditions, delays and harassment, even for the Growers and Dispensaries. They do not care about much else. Even the new guy running for Congress in Arkansas, hasn’t mentioned it, as of now. NONE of the lawmakers for this state, be they state or federal, will even talk about cannabis. They are such hypocrites, it makes me wanna PUKE.


  4. AR on

    There are states that have oversupply of medicines and why can’t work together for your patients needs? There is no need for anymore delay, those states can fill our dispensaries now not several months of more delays. The people of our state are losing confidence in your ability, please take charge and stop the unnecessary suffering.

  5. Asa help your people on

    Several of our states have an oversupply of medicines, but our patients have been suffering for years now. The dispensaries could have been fill in early 2017, but instead the suffering continues for thousands.
    Our state government needs someone to lead not follow.

  6. Vote democratic for a change on

    There are hundreds of cultivation grows that can supply our dispensaries now, but some get enjoyment of knowing patients are suffering.

  7. Samson Bruce on

    Asa you are ‘NOT’ the head duck at the DEA anymore. You are the duly elected head duck of Arkansas now. Do your job ‘NOW’. Or we the people of Arkansas will do ours on November 6th, 2018.

  8. E. Boyd on

    I will be voting Asa out of office on November 6th because he has refused for 2 years to abide by the will of the people of Arkansas, who voted to legalize medical marijuana. Jared Henderson has my vote!

  9. Registered AR Voter and Approved Patient on

    It would appear that our elected officials are just playing games of deception.. draw their attention elsewhere but always leave” plausible deniability”. If we want to see action it has to be heard.. reach out to our voices of press, keep it civil and factual and hit the politicians back where it it hurts.. in the public eye or as such the status quo.
    It does appear our politicians do not hear our pleas or are turning their ear. The voters have spoken folks. It is a reflection of the ability of our state government to get anything done… or maybe not. I hope they will hear it’s voters and react promptly for prompt results. It has not happened thus far….?
    Yes, To our elected officials, it IS a matter of quality of life for many of your constituents. Do something for us and earn our respect please. A day of relief from something I hope you never have to endure is a blessing for many of us. God be with us in this request for expeditious relief.

  10. Susan Hardin on

    These delays are unconstitutional we voted for this two years ago. I’m voting against EVERY republican on the ballot. Republicans suck. They do not work for their constituents. They work against us. Vote blue and take some friends along with you.

  11. ME OH MY !!!!! on

    Arkansas telling Lies again our state leaders have failed at there job oust the old out and put the new in they got there money off of us just to get a card we haven’t gotten yet somebody has to go cause they suck at doing there job I’m glad the black market still making the money cause they aren’t too dumb they showing the state what they are going to do “Sell Marijuiana” to the people who need it I can imagine what’s running thru there minds they are laughing at how stupid can the people be can’t even uphold what the voters voted for they sitting back and thinking we got more sense than they do cause we are still getting there monies

  12. jd avery on

    we had our chance to show asa the door and we missed it.but the other guy just looked like a dweeb.and was certainly a crazy liberal…as a christian conservative who is very ill-i realy just don’t care anymore.the country has been given away already…they extort tax money from us,then give our jobs to the foreign nationals(asa is guilty of this to-ie:riceland ,under asa’s tutiledge,made the workers train their replacements.i set up the temp housing,not knowing what was going on).next they’ll give our homes to the foregners and make us live in tents….asa is really a bleeding heart liberal that happens to hate pot.ex-dea.and it’s obvious that he’s tied in with “the good ol’ boy”system of graft,that has pleged arkansas ,since she became a state.interesting how he picked only mj haters to the mmj commission….just a skewed version of “fox guarding the hen house”

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