California legislator scraps bill to hike number of cannabis retail licenses

California Assemblyman Phil Ting has shelved a measure to increase the number of marijuana retail licenses in the state, having lacked the two-thirds vote he needed to pass the bill.

Assembly Bill 1356 would have required some cities and counties that had banned commercial cannabis to open their doors to the industry.

Ting plans to reintroduce the bill next year, the Los Angeles Times reported.

If Assembly Bill 1356 had passed, a study predicted it would have nearly tripled number of marijuana retail shops in the state, which would have added $2.1 billion in cannabis sales, according to the Times.

Members of the industry expected to the bill to face opposition and high hurdles in the Legislature.

To read more about Assembly Bill 1356, click here.

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2 comments on “California legislator scraps bill to hike number of cannabis retail licenses
  1. david on

    I guess the consumer market is here to stay. The BCC should have known that the vast majority of former vendors that were excluded from the new state cartel membership, through incredibly onerous rules and regs were going to populate the alternative non regulated market. What did they think, we were going to get a job at home depot?
    It’s too late now, The consumers came with us.
    Jerry Brown had to let the alcohol industry run the show.
    I feel sorry for small investors buying these worthless stocks. They probably thought they were investing in the new cannabis industry. They might as well bought stock in a VHS repair shop, or pay telephone booths.
    Can’t wait to start shorting these stocks.

  2. mike on

    well somebody needs to take charge of the legal sales licensing in ca. so far it has just been another gov chaos cluster. legitimate people have lost multi thousands of dollars seeking compliance from state and or local entities that keep changing or completely close out citizens wishing to open legal businesses. licensing should not be allowed by the personal whims of gov officials when these same people allow legal booze distribution centers sometimes on every block. at least have compassion on those that need medical marijuana as medicine. they don’t care that drunks kill or injure thousands on the roads so why worry if a rec user stoner drives 25 mph on the freeway. the goal always has been to destroy all the little guys to make room for the big campaign donors to open up everywhere.

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