California marijuana enforcement continues: Humboldt busts illegal grow

A California county’s drug enforcement unit raided an unlicensed cannabis cultivation operation this week, dealing another blow to the state’s thriving illicit market, which has been stealing market share from legal marijuana businesses.

The Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office Drug Enforcement Unit – in partnership with multiple county and state agencies – served a warrant to investigate the property and discovered the growers “did not possess the required county permit and state license to cultivate cannabis commercially,” according to a news release first reported by Redheaded Blackbelt.

Investigators destroyed roughly 5,000 cannabis plants and 596 pounds of cannabis shake in the raid. They also found the following violations:

  • Water diversion.
  • Stream crossing (nine violations).
  • Water pollution (three violations).
  • Failure to establish a Hazardous Materials Business Plan.
  • Commercial cannabis ordinance.

Fines could reportedly total up to $155,000 per day.

The raid is the latest act of enforcement against illicit cannabis businesses in California.

Los Angeles prosecutors filed charges against 515 people in a crackdown on 105 illegal marijuana businesses earlier this month, and the state targeted an unlicensed dispensary and MJ delivery business last month.

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9 comments on “California marijuana enforcement continues: Humboldt busts illegal grow
  1. Mark on

    But here in Oregon there are literally fields of illegal marijuana … The state of Oregon leys yhe growers grow ad much as they want with no enforcement whatsoever! Oregon will be the leader in crappy illegal weed . Oregon let people come from other states to grow fields of marijuana that they put on semi’s and hauled it home to their illegal market …

    • John on

      It’s remarkable. You can drive north across the border into Oregon and before you’ve even gone even 25 miles the “top shelf Oregon” weed they sell is barely better than the California ditch weed of 10 years ago.

      I always wondered why, but your comment helps make sense of it.

  2. John Perrot on

    What a waste of time and taxpayers money $$$$
    How much overtime did these crooks make ? Now all of a sudden work tied about unfair competjion. Joke watched these guys on TV
    EGO maniacs :!!! Drunk on power

  3. Clifton Middleton on

    I always knew that even when the evil has to legalize pot that it would be the most Plucked Up, Goat Truck ever perpetrated upon the citizens of America. Free Market Hemp was the secret to our original success creating a Virtuous Economic Cycle that lifted all boats. Weed did it before and Weed can do it again. All these stumbling blocks must be removed as the Master Plan rolls on.

  4. Jao on

    “which has been stealing market share from legal marijuana businesses.” How about f**k you. The legal industry is stealing from even legal growers. The black market was here before the bureaucrats moved in and try to f**k the industry. The only stealing going on is from state and county government taxing working people into poverty. Legalization isnt legalization it was the recriminalization of marijuana for government to enforce even more jackboot laws. California hates self sustainable working class people because theyre trying to move in all the smug liberals who think bike paths are the answer to all our problems.

  5. Judy Harris on

    California sells you a permit for 99 plants. You find a spot, no schools no businesses, and no children. All these factors are a plus. You are ready to put your name into the new frontier. you erect the walls, set your water system up. fertilize the ground and plant.
    you spend every waking hour that you can with these plants. You have also spent every nickel and dime you have in your pocket to ensure the growth will be the best it can be.
    Now, remember California has given you permission to do this. By collecting your payment for this 99 plant permit.
    here comes the nightmare, harvest time your ready.

    STOP, You look out your window and there is a 50 caliber machine gun, there is sheriff task force all around you. They handcuff you. You ask to see the search warrant. They refuse to show you anything. You set in a patrol car from 8:30 am till 3:30 pm.
    They are telling you that you are growing marijuana illegally You say no I have a permit. It is posted inside with the plants.
    This is a true story. I am sure I am not the only victim here. they have wasted a lot of the taxpayers’ money. With this overkill. A helicopter with a 50 caliber machine gun attached to it. Sheriff task units, also with guns attached, personal. We are talking a lot of money when simply walking to the door and knocking on it. Would have worked. I know my husband or I would ever do anything to harm the police officer. This is happening all over California.

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