Canada’s House of Commons OKs adult-use marijuana bill; measure returns to Senate

Recreational marijuana legalization in Canada took another step forward Monday when the House of Commons voted 205-82 in favor of the amended Cannabis Act.

The House accepted most of the Senate’s amendments to the bill, but because it rejected some, the Senate must vote again on the latest version, according to CTV News.

Senate debate began Monday night, and a vote could come as early as Tuesday.

Canada’s Liberal government previously expressed concern about 13 amendments approved by the Senate, including:

  • Requiring parliamentary approval of new cannabis products (presumably including edibles and infused).
  • Prohibiting “brand stretching” – the use of cannabis brand elements that are not on packaging or accessories.
  • Making public the names of shareholders who hold more than 5% of any class of shares of a cannabis company.
  • Giving regulators the authority to cap THC potency for certain products.
  • Allowing provinces to ban home cultivation.