Casino Mogul Pumps $1.5M Into Fighting Florida MMJ Bid

Nevada casino mogul Sheldon Adelson is easily the biggest backer of Drug Free Florida, the campaign fighting a medical marijuana ballot measure that voters will weigh in on this November.

He previously donated $2.5 million to Drug Free and upped that with another $1.5 million contribution on Sept. 25, according to state records.

That means Adelson, whose net worth is reportedly around $32 billion, is responsible for $4 million of the $4.7 million Drug Free has raised to date. His contributions helped make an immense TV ad buy in September possible for Drug Free.

, Casino Mogul Pumps $1.5M Into Fighting Florida MMJ Bid

The controversial ads allege that Amendment 2, Florida’s MMJ ballot measure, would allow convicted felons to deal marijuana.

After Adelson, the next biggest contributor to Drug Free is the Carol Jenkins Barnett Family Trust, which has so far donated $540,000.

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6 comments on “Casino Mogul Pumps $1.5M Into Fighting Florida MMJ Bid
  1. Matt inOhio on

    Wow! Hypocrisy in the flesh! A man who profits from the sale of alcoholic beverages and addiction is advocating a drug free Florida?? Wait, I’m confused… isn’t alcohol a drug? Given the historical relationship between casinos & organized crime it would seem that an ulterior motive may be what’s driving this anti MMJ campaign. Hmmm…

  2. Reverend Ryan on

    He has a vested business interest in creating a “pharma” approach to medical “marijuana” ~ legalization leads to a reduction in corporate profits. We can’t have people growing their own medicine now, can we.

  3. Windy City on

    …Yes, Nevada casino mogul Sheldon Adelson should duly note that alcohol is indeed a drug, and quite a dangerous one healthwise, at that.

    Unlike marijuana, which contains many cannabinoids that holds the key to curing many debilitating ailments, cancers being among them, alcohol contributes to so many sicknesses and deaths that his contribution is rather ironic.

    The devil, indeed, is in the details here, folks…

  4. Truth on

    Adelson wants the casino licenses that are being voted on in Nov – He donated at the behest of the current governor likely the initial consideration as quid pro quo for his upcoming license to be issued..

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