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MPP chief ready to barter for marijuana campaign donations

John Schroyer  | April 28, 2017

Rob Kampia wants to make a deal with people or groups willing to donate money to his legalization efforts.

The executive director of Marijuana Policy Project, Kampia called Marijuana Business Daily on Thursday after reading an MJBizDaily story about negotiations in Michigan over a likely ballot measure to legalize recreational cannabis in the …

Alcohol, tobacco interests eyeing Michigan marijuana market

John Schroyer  | April 27, 2017

By John Schroyer

At a time when Michigan’s medical marijuana regulations are being written – and adult-use proponents are finalizing a legalization measure for the 2018 ballot – executives connected to the alcohol and tobacco industries have had a seat at the negotiating table.

Alaska orders Anchorage marijuana club to shut down

John Schroyer  | April 24, 2017

Marijuana businesses in Anchorage, Alaska, have for years now been pushing the envelope of what’s acceptable by state regulators, and recently they got another answer on one thing that’s not: cannabis social clubs.

The only club in Anchorage, Pot Luck Events, which has been operational since 2015, was ordered to close by …