DC mayor: Double amount of MMJ patients can buy

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The five medical cannabis dispensaries in the nation’s capital could see a big boost in sales if Washington DC Mayor Muriel Bowser gets her way.

She wants the city council to double the amount of MMJ patients are allowed to purchase each month, to 4 ounces from 2 ounces. City lawmakers must sign off on the change.

Bowser said the change would help accommodate the needs of patients, the Associated Press reported.

As of Sept. 1, 3,986 patients were registered with the city’s MMJ program, according to Washington DC statistics. To serve those patients, the city allows five operating dispensaries, all of which are currently open, and up to 10 cultivation facilities, seven of which are up and running.

Bowser has long supported loosening Washington DC cannabis laws, especially after voters legalized adult use in 2014 by an overwhelming margin. At the time, Bowser advocated for allowing a recreational market in the city, and to begin allowing adult use sales, instead of simply legalizing marijuana possession and use, which is where the current law stops.