Florida’s top medical cannabis operators tighten grip on growing market

Florida medical marijuana, Florida’s top medical cannabis operators tighten grip on growing market

A handful of vertically integrated companies increased their stronghold on Florida’s fast-growing medical marijuana market in 2018, tripling the number of dispensaries they operate, as new business licensing stalled in the courts.

Overall, eight companies operate a total of 83 dispensaries in the state, according to a Dec. 21 state report, and five businesses operate 73 of those dispensaries. However, the 83 is up from 25 approved dispensaries a year ago.

Another four businesses offer MMJ delivery only, while the state’s remaining two approved licensees don’t yet have retail operations.

Here are Florida’s top MMJ operators based on the number of dispensaries they operate:

  • Trulieve: 22 dispensaries, up from 13 a year ago.
  • Curaleaf: 19 dispensaries, two a year ago.
  • Surterra Wellness: 17 dispensaries, four a year ago.
  • Liberty Health Sciences: eight dispensaries, none a year ago.
  • Knox Medical: seven dispensaries, six a year ago.

Florida’s medical marijuana sales are expected to total $200 million-$300 million in 2018, according to projections in the updated Marijuana Business Factbook 2018, a huge increase from an estimated $20 million-$40 million in 2017.

The number of patients with active ID cards has risen from 63,054 a year ago to 165,072.

The administration of Ron DeSantis, the Republican governor-elect, has indicated it might drop the appeal to a ruling that Florida’s MMJ caps are unconstitutional. If so, the market is expected to open to new companies in 2019.

Jeffrey Sharkey, executive director of the Medical Marijuana Business Association of Florida, recently told Marijuana Business Daily that the trade group would like to see additional licensees phased in until the state has about 30 vertically integrated businesses with no caps on the number of dispensaries they could open.

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9 comments on “Florida’s top medical cannabis operators tighten grip on growing market
  1. David & Michelle Dean Miller on

    Go Florida!!! God made it and now man has the power to cure all illness, seeing our own “Government ” has known that marijuana/cannabis has never had a harmful effects to us. They just wanted to have more power over us!!

    We the People have the “Force to Stop these Corrupt Government Officials” !!! It’s time to bring our country some “Peace Together With Cannabis-That Brings Bliss,Happy Lives, No More Die” !!!

    Lets All Come Together and Create A Plan to Help Our Loved Ones and Chill Out the Rest, Life is Hard Enough Without All The BS!!!

    • corners on

      but whats going on in florida has little to do with helping patients and a lot more to do with making tons of cash. Why else let a handful of companies own all the dispensaries growers and everything in between? People love preaching about a free market but there seem to be very few of those markets around lately with little to no competition

      • David Niewald on

        I disagree,
        I worked with a major company there using cannabis and extracts to test positive healing for children and people with epilepsy/ seizures, all types of mental illnesses, tons of different diseases and we got huge amounts of positive medical clarity from these tests. Yes any business is trying to make great money or it wouldn’t be a smart business but this industry is def on the other side of that where helping people is just as if not more important.

  2. Shuemeng Schiamahr on

    I am interested in being a MMJ grower/producer. What steps do I need to take in order to become a grower or producer and who do I need to contact?

  3. Lana Haughton on

    I’m interested in being a grower. What are the legal steps for the state of Florida to take? If I need to contact somebody who would that be? Thank you for your time.

  4. Esmy on

    I am also interested in obtaining my medical cultivating license who do I need to speak to to get more information? Thank you.

  5. Justin R Harris on

    How Can I reach out to business investors and those a like in the industry about 11.2 acres I have zoned agricultural here in South Florida that I would like to offload?

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