WA Recreational Store Hopes to Open July 1

The first retail marijuana store in Washington State could open on July 1.

A manager at Kouchlock Productions in Spokane said recently that he expects to receive a retail marijuana license from the Liquor Control Board by the end of June and then open his shop ahead of the July 4 holiday.

The company, which currently operates medical dispensaries in Shoreline and Spokane, was the first to receive a license to produce and process recreational cannabis back in March.

Cannabis could be in short supply when Kouchlock opens, since the state’s 35 licensed producers have only been growing for a few months.

Kouchlock’s owner, Scott O’Neil, said customers may only be allowed to purchase a gram or an eighth of cannabis until the supply chain is up to speed. O’Neil said he has been reaching out to producers across the state to try and secure a supply of cannabis for opening day.

O’Neil has yet to set his prices for July 1, however he predicts crowds to be sizable.

“It’s history in the making, so you don’t really know what it’s going to be like,” he said.

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