First Rec License Awarded in Washington State

Washington State has issued its first recreational cannabis license, paving the way for retail marijuana sales to begin this summer.

Sean Green, CEO of Spokane-based Kouchlock Productions, was given a producer-processor license Wednesday at a meeting held by the state’s liquor board. The license allows Kouchlock to establish a cultivation site covering up to 21,000 square feet and to make infused products.

Green currently operates medical marijuana dispensaries in two cities, though the fate of those businesses is unclear as the state transitions to recreational marijuana.

He called the license “beautiful” and highlighted the employment impact he expects his operation to have. “I”m coming home with jobs, Spokane,” he said to a room full of cannabis legalization supporters.

, First Rec License Awarded in Washington StateThe Liquor Control Board said that from this point forward, licenses will be issued regularly as it continues to work through the more than 2,800 applications for producer permits. The state will start issuing retail store licenses soon as well, with the first shops expected to open in June or July.

Washington’s approach of issuing cultivation licenses prior to retail shops opening should help ease the types of inventory supply problems faced by many Colorado retail cannabis shops in the days and weeks following the industry’s launch on Jan. 1 of this year.

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8 comments on “First Rec License Awarded in Washington State
  1. Mike on

    Please be sure to watch the new documentary on medical marijuana and why politics overrides science by Dr. Sanjay Gupta on CNN TV March 11,2014 at 10:00 P.M. Eastern Time. Thank you.

  2. Johnny Korell on

    Congrats from Colorado. WE are paving the way to a safer policy on marijuana on every front. Come on the rest of you states. The war on drugs should not be for marijuana. Let’s go!!!!! Tax and regulate for good of us all. It’s good for the taxpayer and better for everyone. Good Luck Washington for helping Colorado with our fight against the senseless war on drugs.

  3. Danielle Smartt on

    The bad news from Washington is that the Medical Marijuana laws are changing, and not for the better. I understand the need for better regulation, but with the legal limit at only 3 oz., a patient cannot produce a pain relieving salve that requires 4 oz. of plant material (trimming, leaves & bud) without breaking the law.
    A better limit would be a pound, which would still reduce the current limit by 8 oz.
    Also, no Doctors have been consulted to determine what is best for the patients.
    The Liquor Control Board could not even regulate liquor sales properly, and without a Doctor who is familiar with the benefits of MMJ, they have thrown the patients under the bus.
    Some patients use as many as 8 different varieties to control pain and side affects of medications, to be able to function normally.
    Also, there is the problem of allergies to some fertilizers used in hydroponic growing. And what about pesticides??
    An MMJ patient is much more sensitive to these issues than a recreational user.
    With over 15 years working in the medical field in an administrative position, and having been married to an MMJ patient, I can see many pitfalls here that no one is addressing. Hopefully it will not take a fatality due to an allergic reaction to get the Liquor Control Board’s head out of the proverbial place “where the sun don’t shine”.
    We are hoping the Governot will send the new regulations back for a re-write before he signs this bill.

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