Florida Dysfunction Jeopardizes CBD Deadline

Roughly 16 months after Florida’s governor signed a bill legalizing CBD-based oils, officials drafting guidelines for the new industry have not been able to decide which five nurseries they will approve to cultivate and distribute cannabis.

That means the goal of making the oils available to patients with cancer and epilepsy by Jan. 1 is highly unlikely, leaving many businesses and patients frustrated.

A decision could be made by Thanksgiving, but nurseries that don’t win a license may legally challenge state’s selections, according to the Palm Beach Post.

The CBD law divides the state into five districts, each of which will be home to one license-holder that can cultivate and distribute CBD oils. More than two dozen growers applied for the coveted licenses, which will only be doled out to long-time nurseries. The process has also been beset by lawsuits.

Last year, a measure to legalize a broader medical marijuana program in Florida fell just short, and supporters hope to get another measure before voters next November.

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2 comments on “Florida Dysfunction Jeopardizes CBD Deadline
  1. Alexander Inglis on

    It’s all non-sense now in my opinion. 23 states so far have got MM why are the other states that haven’t gotten on-board with MM dragging their feet now? It’s not that hard to figure out.

  2. wellness hemp oil on

    Florida is stoping or trying to whold back the tide of CBD HEMP OIL use because of all the meds seniors are on is a big industry. That is my opinion. CBD HEMP OIL IS AN HERBAL SUPPLEMENT WITH NO TRACEABLE THC AND IT HELPS SO. MANY HRALTH ISSUES. HOW CAN GOVERNMENT KEEP THIS FROM THE CHILDREN WHO NEED THIS WITH NO SIDE EFFECTS.

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