FL calls special legislative session, but MMJ not on initial agenda

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Florida Gov. Rick Scott has called for the Legislature to reconvene for a special session next week, but medical marijuana isn’t on the agenda – at least not currently.

However, the Miami Herald reported that lawmakers intend to add MMJ to the agenda once they reunite.

Scott’s instructions for the June 7-9 session include rewriting parts of the state budget – but not drafting regulations governing the state’s new full-strength medical cannabis program.

The state health department would use the rules as a blueprint for writing its MMJ regulations.

In the Legislature, a key stumbling block has been the inability of the House and Senate to agree on the number of dispensaries each MMJ license holder can own and operate.

That disagreement sank the MMJ legislation during the regular session. If the lawmakers can come to terms about the dispensary details, then they should be able to finalize the bill during the special session.

“In order to have an agreement that both sides can support, there would have to be an effort to find a principled middle ground, and that’s what we’re trying to do,” said Senate President Joe Negron, according to the Herald.