Florida Medical Marijuana Measures Fizzle Out

An attempt to legalize medical marijuana in Florida this year via the state Legislature is “effectively dead,” a key lawmaker behind the effort said.

Sen. Jeff Brandes, R-St. Petersburg, sponsored a bill that at first had the support of the 2014 campaign to legalize medical marijuana in the state, but he told the Bradenton Herald on Wednesday that the measure and a companion bill have stalled.

Brandes pledged to keep working on the issue and return in the 2016 legislative session with another attempt, both at legalizing MMJ and also speeding up implementation of a CBD-only bill that was signed into law last year but has hit administrative roadblocks.

“The best plan for us is to work on it over the summer, talk to experts in the field, come back with a bill that is well-thought-out, well-researched and is something that is the right thing for Florida,” Brandes told the Herald.

The development could further open the door for another attempt at a ballot measure for 2016, a move that supporters of the failed 2014 initiative have been planning on for months anyway.

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5 comments on “Florida Medical Marijuana Measures Fizzle Out
  1. Gentle Jim on

    The tide has turned and the eventual legalization of both medical and recreational Cannabis is coming. But the “greed forces” that are entrenched in our political system, and appear to some degree in all of us, are busy at work behind the scenes. Our elected officials need to here from ALL of cannabis friendly Americans that these delays must stop. Now! They must be told in no uncertain terms that they will suffer the wrath of millions of suffering and dying Americans and their families at the ballet box. Some have suffered more pain and financial loss from this power crazy drug war, on top of these dreadful diseases, and it was all lies and was totally unnecessary.
    God bless all those who fight to end the drug war.

    • Frustrated Citizen on

      It is incredible to me the corruption and greed that is running our country based on their own agenda; not the agenda for the people. The ONLY reason there is opposition to legalizing marijuana is because of the financial effect it will have on certain campaign donors who effectively appear to be in a sense running the country. It’s time that this country stop the ridiculousness of government officials being elected because of how many millions in campaign contributions they raised. If anyone believes that these groups donate money for free and don’t expect anything back in return, I have real estate I would like to sell you. I think everyone needs to watch “Culture High” on Netflix which exposes the corruption in keeping marijuana illegal and we ALL need to start flooding the legislature with emails until they get that the supporters are not going away!!! Thanks, I feel better now. LOL

  2. Jeff Pafford on

    I am a 34yo FL native and it burns me the stories I could tell you about having to go into methville or cracktown to find MMJ for my numourous health issues instead of taking 13 different liver toxic pharmaceuticals. Now with that in mind I’m 34 ,what’s an elderly or disabled person supposed too do? it’s hard enough for them to get to there “Normal” doctors…it’s time they have a NORML doctor to help because last time I checked MMJ isn’t toxic. Please anyone out there with tools to help please keep me posted even if I when I move from FL I’ll still fight for my home state and the others who aren’t ready for the tidal wave to hit. thank you

  3. John Verkitus on

    Ya Now, this is totally DISGUSTING ! Your Right ! This is ALL just a Power and Money Trip !!

    There are People who NEED marijuana and others who just like to have some in their home to relax and calm down after a hard days work.. It’s amazing that all these politicians can’t follow what we the people are demanding!

    I think the best way is to make all Alcohol products Illegal, No Beer, No JACK, No 1800, No Fruity Wine Coolers, etc, etc, etc.. Then see how many come flying out of the woodwork to stop any possible blocking of “Their” type of Buzz, or HIGH! Even though WEED is proven to be Less harmful than alcohol and in fact its been shown to HELP in MANY Ways! WHERE THE HELL IS THE LOGIC in THAT ??? There is non, its based souly on Greed and selfishness! Both Monetarily and Mentally! Most of the people against legalizing it are the people who don’t Need or Use it..

    It’s time to get these laws passed like alcohol and let the people have what they want, need, and DEMAND!
    I personally don’t use weed right now, but I would like to if it were legal, especially since I may qualify for Medical weed due to back and neck issues.

    Let’s get this stuff passed so we can all live together in Peace !!

    Johnny V..

  4. John Girard MD on

    New verbiage to SB7066 must be amended. The USA became a superpower by allowing individuals to succeed in life & business. Cartels & Conglomerates differ in that one is illegal. This present bill is a (Legal) Cartel dressed as a Farmer. The Farmer dictates who produces marijuana products and then they own the Retail stores for distribution. This type of business structure is illegal and a monopoly for the select few. It creates price fixing and a legal way to control distribution.
    Retail stores must be owned and operated by qualified individuals that have no direct or indirect relationships whatsoever with the farmers & producers.
    This structure will ensure competitive pricing and best quality products to benefit our sick. Is it legal for a
    Cotton farm to own, operate, manufacture and distribute the end products to only stores they own? The Cartel Cotton Farmer now controls price and quality control.
    NO COMPETITION ALLOWED. Have we lost sight of what made America GREAT? Or are we blinded by our China made sunglasses? With eyes you can see, without vision you are blind. John Girard MD

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