2016 MMJ ballot measure filed in Florida

An updated version of Florida’s narrowly defeated medical marijuana ballot measure from last year has been filed with the state.

And the man behind it is none other than Orlando trial attorney John Morgan, who helped spearhead the previous measure.

Morgan told the Miami Herald he’s going to make one last all-out effort to get MMJ approved by voters.

“After this, I’ll never do this again,” Morgan said.

The 2014 measure, Amendment 2, fell just shy of the number of votes needed to pass last November.

Morgan and other advocates are hoping that the state Legislature will approve a similar measure this coming year. But if lawmakers don’t act, Morgan and other advocates will.

Hence the 2016 ballot measure filing, which Morgan said is an updated version of Amendment 2.

Change include:

  • Clarifying that the state Department of Health needs to verify parental consent prior to allowing a physician to prescribe cannabis for a minor.
  • Nixing all non-debilitating conditions for MMJ and requiring a list of which conditions are eligible.
  • Spelling out that physicians cannot be arrested or prosecuted for prescribing cannabis but can still be targeted by law enforcement for malpractice or negligence.
  • Requiring quality standards for MMJ caregivers.

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3 comments on “2016 MMJ ballot measure filed in Florida
  1. Clifton Middleton on

    Free Market Hemp, as it was in the beginning … we are talking jobs, thousands of local, green jobs. We can grow our own economy, health and happiness.

  2. Maria on

    Why did John Morgan say, “After this, I’ll never do this again.”??? I find this to be very interesting that he would give up in trying to get voter approval.

  3. Richard Grady on

    I fail to see why the opposition to MMJ never makes the comparisons with Alcohol, which is far worse on the body with no medical relief. Statistics have proven that long term negative effects from alcohol consumption far outweigh any harm that Cannabis might produce, long term. Most everyone will continue to have the need and desire to recreate with alcohol…or MJ, lawfully or unlawfully. One of the striking differences is with Cannabis, giving the same “elevated” result, there would be approximately one-third less traffic deaths within the first two years. Alcohol causes one to lose equilibrium, on or off the highway, Cannabis does not. Alcohol destroys far more brain cells in a single glass then a few puffs of Cannabis. Brain cells are quickly replenished, but Alcohol is far more addictive, causing immeasurable harm to the body, over time. The tax base on a pack of Cannabis, for over 21 purchasers, would produce enormous funding for state infrastructure and further medical funding for Cancer and other disease sufferers. Medical Marijuana is the initial step we need to take in this, and all states, in order to legalize Cannabis. It has been for, far too long, erroneously lumped in with the term “drugs”, when Alcohol has been given a free pass for over eighty years. Enough with the naysayers and their same old “gateway” arguments.
    Let’s get this done.

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