Florida medical marijuana deal unlikely to allow smokable flower

Florida lawmakers are working out a compromise to implement a voter-approved constitutional amendment legalizing medical marijuana, and any deal is unlikely to allow smokable MMJ as a form of treatment.

Smokable medical cannabis would help attract patients to the program and in turn bolster revenue for the state’s MMJ industry.

But Sen. Rob Bradley, an MMJ proponent and bill sponsor, told The News Service of Florida smokable flower is off the table.

“There is agreement between the majority of the House and Senate that the smoking of cannabis is not an act that is consistent with a healthy life and not consistent with consuming medicine,” he said.

Bradley did allow an amendment to be added to his bill (SB 406) that would limit MMJ business license holders to three dispensaries.

Marijuana advocates back that move because it would force lawmakers to award more licenses and expand the market while avoiding a monopoly-type situation.

Florida’s market is expected to become one of the largest in the nation. But just seven companies are currently licensed under the state’s CBD-focused program – and MMJ advocates want the number of MMJ licensees to increase beyond that.

The House and Senate must complete work by the Legislature’s May 5 end date. Then the health department has until July 3 to draft MMJ rules based on the Legislature’s plan.

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