Florida medical cannabis bills make for hazy business climate

Medical marijuana isn’t shaping up to be the big business opportunity in Florida many cannabis executives were hoping for.

Although medical marijuana was approved overwhelmingly by Florida voters in November, the shape of the MMJ industry is still very much in question. And state lawmakers don’t appear to be moving toward any kind of solution.

whopping six bills are competing in the Florida Legislature, the Sun Sentinel reported, and each would set up a regulatory framework for medical cannabis businesses. The measures all have varying provisions that range from allowing just 12 MMJ producers for the entire state to an unlimited number of cannabis business licenses.

According to the Sun Sentinel, there’s no consensus among state lawmakers as to which bill will ultimately win out. It’s possible none will be approved, in which case the legislature may end up passing the responsibility for regulating the industry to the state department of health.

If that happens, the newspaper reported, “The department has already signaled that it would likely keep much of the current state law in place, resulting in a regulatory scheme potentially even more restrictive than anything offered by the Legislature.”

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7 comments on “Florida medical cannabis bills make for hazy business climate
  1. Nicole on

    Legislators in FL will find themselves out of a job in the next election if they don’t do what we have told them we wanted. This is a government for the people, by the people.

  2. AS on

    71% of “We the People” in the state of Florida have told the legislatures what we want. Medical marijuana is now a law, We aren’t giving up! If they can’t figure out how to do this they will be out of a job come Election Day. The people are patiently waiting, tick tock!!!

  3. Mark on

    A government for the people would have realized that more than 50% of Florida voters voted for MMJ in 2014 (60% was needed to make it law so it failed from that perspective but it still clearly represents the majority will of the voter) This included the right for a patient to grow their own plants. The new amendment 2 that passed in 2016 and the 6 pending bills do not contain this option, even though more than half the voters voted for it and Florida has had 2 plus years to make it happen.

    Even bills that are not directly related to MMJ but still would help the industry are missing. In St. Lucy County the penalty for 1 small Marijuana cigarette is jail time, plus thousands in fines, probation costs, on going drug tests at your expense and you loose your Drivers License whether you were in a car or nor when you got arrested. Over 100 people have been arrested in St. Lucie county in the last 3 weeks.

    And yes, the Sheriff was just reelected and the decriminalization of Pot or going to a ticket system like Palm Beach (1 hour down the road) never came up during the election as far as I know.

    Hard to see the Government for the people right now.

  4. Gail Martin on

    A 71% plurality of voters–that dog won’t hunt. Senator Jeff Brandes has taken a lead on this issue, vowed free enterprise and has the following to get it done. The rest is noise–something to write about and get everybody’s dander up, LOL. Don’t rise to the bait.

  5. Lorraine Fierro on

    Let’s support the Brandes bill. This si the only bill that makes sense and is for the people who voted. This is about patients not politics..

  6. Leslie on

    Its simple to fix, and he voters for the great State of Florida are going to have to get off their butts and vote Recreational Cannabis in.
    Then the cartels and the rich out of towners ( Canada ) can have their medical. The price will come down for the Medical folks and people who what to use it recreationaly can.
    It works in other States, and it will work here in Florida.
    We the Voters have been BamBoozled again!
    I bet not one person on the health board has ever had the displeasure of trying the Oil that is offered in Florida, it is disgusting, and having to take it serval times a day is just wrong.
    Let them have their flower and be able to vape!
    What a waste of the voters time. VOTE them OUT! Send the message, its the only way to change.

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