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Chart: Another record-setting year for MJBizCon mirrors massive marijuana business potential

MJBizCon, which is hosted by Marijuana Business Daily, continues to smash attendance records amid strong, ongoing growth in the cannabis industry, solidifying its position as one of the fastest-growing trade shows in the nation.

This year’s conference attracted more than 27,000 cannabis professionals to the Las Vegas Convention Center, a record for the event and the marijuana industry.

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MJBizCon 2018 begins with record attendance, reflecting marijuana industry’s rapid growth

The annual MJBizCon that began Wednesday is again setting record numbers for attendance and exhibitors, mirroring the marijuana industry’s explosive growth and its bullish prospects after voters approved three new MJ markets worth up to $2 billion. Some 25,000 marijuana industry professionals, investors and entrepreneurs are expected to attend the three-day conference at the Las […]

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Court rulings, incoming ministers suggest Mexico destined for cannabis legalization

A recent Supreme Court ruling and newly elected government suggest Mexico could soon follow Canada down the road of cannabis legalization. Mexico’s Supreme Court ruled Oct. 31 – for the fifth time since November 2015 – that a total prohibition of recreational marijuana consumption is unconstitutional. By reaching five similar rulings, the Supreme Court crossed […]

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Ontario to accept cannabis retail applications in December; here’s how to prepare

Canada’s largest recreational cannabis market will start accepting applications in December for prospective retail outlets to open next spring. Experts foresee a frenzy of applications out of the gate, as analysts say a fully private cannabis sector in Ontario could support at least 1,000 outlets. For comparison, Saskatchewan saw 1,500 submissions for just 51 licenses. […]

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Ontario Cannabis Store shifts blame for product delays to ‘mislabeling’ by licensed producers

The president of the largest marijuana retailer in Canada – the Ontario Cannabis Store – is blaming excessive shipping delays on licensed MJ producers for mislabeling some of their products. Some customers who ordered recreational cannabis on the first day of legalization – Oct. 17 – have yet to receive their products, despite expected shipping […]

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Cannabis’ global growth: Q&A with Acreage CEO Kevin Murphy and ex-Canadian PM Brian Mulroney

So great is the lure of the cannabis industry that it is attracting heavyweights from mainstream industries, congressmen, presidents and prime ministers. The latest to join the green rush is former Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney, who soon will sit on the board of Acreage Holdings, a multistate marijuana company in the United States. Mulroney, […]

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Raids and regulations: gray-market transition troubles for British Columbia cannabis retailers

Two weeks after Canada legalized marijuana, businesses in British Columbia that applied for cannabis licenses remain in the dark about when their applications could be approved. Dozens of businesses had been operating in a legal gray area for years, sanctioned by municipalities but technically illegal in the eyes of the federal government. Of the 173 […]

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