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Hexo, Green Organic Dutchman’s woes may be a harbinger for Canadian cannabis businesses, analysts say

Some Canadian cannabis companies are facing a financial squeeze because of the country’s slow rollout of recreational marijuana stores and a dwindling pool of available funding. Quebec cannabis producer Hexo Corp.’s lower fourth-quarter revenue projection and Ontario-based The Green Organic Dutchman’s capital issues could be a sign of things to come for companies with unduly […]

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Analysis: German sales of insured medical cannabis soar in second quarter

Sales of medical cannabis covered by insurance continue to increase in Germany, reaching new highs in the second quarter, according to newly released data. The steady growth in sales in the world’s largest importer of medical marijuana is a good sign for the global industry, and it comes as several countries are gearing up to start large-scale […]

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Citing ‘consistent failure,’ Aleafia nixes cannabis supply deal with Aphria

Toronto marijuana company Aleafia Health intends to cancel a supply agreement with Aphria, citing a “consistent failure” to meet its obligations to provide cannabis. The industry has grappled with supply issues since legalization, but until now, few companies have taken action over contractual shortfalls. The dispute between the Ontario-based companies could therefore be a sign of […]

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‘Groundbreaking’: 48North’s purchase of US cannabis company signals major shift by TSX Venture Exchange

The TSX Venture Exchange (TSXV) appears to be easing its opposition toward Canadian cannabis companies buying U.S. marijuana businesses. The move would mark a major shift for the Canadian exchange and could open the door to more cross-border acquisitions – provided the deals meet strict conditions. The apparent change in stance comes after a Canadian […]

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Paraguay issues details covering application process for cannabis business permits, with established labs gaining an edge

Paraguay issued detailed guidelines governing the business licensing system for its new medical cannabis program, including the application process for companies hoping to secure a production license. A speedy application timeline – applications must be filed this month – suggests that authorized pharmaceutical laboratories will have an inside edge in winning a production permit. The […]

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$400M invested in Colombia cannabis industry, official tells Latin American Cannabis Symposium

Over $400 million has been invested in Colombian medical cannabis so far, and the country is in the early innings of an industry with massive potential, a Colombian government official said Monday. Juliana Villegas Restrepo – vice president of exports at ProColombia, a government agency in charge of promoting Colombian non-traditional exports – told MJBizCon’s inaugural […]

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