Legal medical marijuana sales begin in Pennsylvania

A medical marijuana dispensary in Pennsylvania became the first in the state to sell product to a patient on Thursday under the state’s new MMJ program.

The dispensary, Cresco Yeltrah, is located in western Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania lawmakers overwhelmingly approved MMJ legalization in 2016.

According to the Associated Press, the first customer was a woman buying medical marijuana for her son, who suffers from seizures. She spent $178.

The AP reported that Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf said Thursday that about 3,000 patients have received medical marijuana identification cards and more than 17,000 patients have signed up for the program.

Pennsylvania’s MMJ program is expected to grow into one of the country’s largest markets.

Five other dispensaries plan to begin sales this week.

Cresco Yeltrah, in Butler County, is a vertically integrated company that is also the first grower to supply cannabis to the market. Its grow operation is located in Jefferson County.

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3 comments on “Legal medical marijuana sales begin in Pennsylvania
    • FRANK on

      First of July Columbus Day in Canada medical marijuana and legalization Recreational marijuana Becomes legal the stock should just take off now it’s $1.29 getting ready for a up trend a great Opportunity

  1. Sean R. Steele on

    Not sure what stocks are being referred to here.

    We don’t have Columbus Day in Canada and the rec market will not be online by July 1st (Canada Day) due to political wranglings but it is coming.

    The value of a stock is not in its selling price but in the underlying business. Cannabis companies can lose money the same as any other type of enterprise. Research the management team, the business plan and past performance not today’s ASK price to determine value in a stock or a company.

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