Pennsylvania Officially 24th Medical Marijuana State

The seeds for a medical marijuana industry in Pennsylvania have been planted.

On Sunday, Gov. Tom Wolf signed a measure legalizing medical marijuana, opening up what could become one of the biggest MMJ markets in the country.

The bill signing came after Pennsylvania lawmakers last week approved the measure following years of negotiations and delays that held up MMJ legalization.

The bill, while limited to non-smokable MMJ, spells out 17 qualifying conditions for patients, including severe pain.

Twenty-five grower licenses and 50 dispensary licenses initially will be allowed, with each dispensary permit allotted up to three different locations for a total of 150 storefronts.

The law goes into effect in one month.

Regulators could then take up to 18 months to draft regulations, given the intricacies of the rulemaking process. It could then be another several months before the state begins accepting applications – and likely at least two years from now before the first dispensaries open their doors.

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2 comments on “Pennsylvania Officially 24th Medical Marijuana State
  1. brett roper on

    Stay tuned for further information as the current bill leaves a good deal related to specifics to be developed by the DOH … this bill currently only allows for a very narrow extraction based deployment (no smoke, no edibles, sweets, etc.) and while the conditions list seems very reasonable, the process of securing access as well as taking up to 18 months to start providing guidance to potential patients as well as investors wanting to secure access as well as ‘licenses’ (or be on the registry) will require patience as well as a good bit of pre-planning in anticipation of what will be an evolution of the law into rules and guidance the State can be confident in. Good luck PA residents and investors as we are rooting for you!

  2. OGBobby on

    I’d like to see more for the patients because I’m disabled and I can’t afford my medicine as it is and if I have to buy this medicine how could I afford it? Are they giving it to people with zero income? I would like to be like other states and have my right to grow my own medicine. I’m an adult and I’ve been growing a garden for 35+ years and I’m able and willing to grow my own. Since I can’t do that tells me this state is trying to make money off the sick and disabled. Just like big pharma. I want to see more patients standing up and demanding our rights to grow our own so we don’t have to beg or borrow money to buy our medicine. I’m one who likes to know and see what goes into my garden and I can grow the best fruits and veggies in this beautiful state and I can only imagine how beautiful the plants would grow here. In this state we are known for growing the best produce because of our great soils and I feel it’s only right to allow patients who are able to, to grow our own medicine. They need to stop making us pay for things we can grow ourselves. I’m happy for this law but sad at the fact it doesn’t do enough for us as patients.

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