LA Police Have New Tool to Help in Dispensary Crackdown

Hundreds of illegal dispensaries operating in Los Angeles could be forced to close soon, as authorities now have access to a comprehensive list containing the names and addresses of such businesses.

On Monday, the Los Angeles City Council ordered the finance department to share with police its list of 972 medical marijuana dispensaries registered to pay taxes. The City Attorney’s office will also receive a copy.

The LAPD said it will use the list to shut down dispensaries.

The overwhelming majority of the businesses are now considered illegal under Proposition D, which voters approved last year. The measure allows just 135 dispensaries to operate legally. The rest must technically close, though most remain open.

Police have been slowly shutting down the businesses across Los Angeles this year. But cops have had trouble locating the businesses, and in many cases dispensaries ordered to close simply open somewhere else.

Council member Paul Krekorian likened the situation to “playing whack-a-mole.”

, LA Police Have New Tool to Help in Dispensary CrackdownLAPD Captain Anne Clark told the council that she could not provide a “perfect number” of illegal dispensaries in the city because the businesses are “forever a moving target.” The LAPD has been relying on its own beat reporting for locating the businesses, she said.

The council – which plans to post the list on the city’s website – recommended that officers explore the idea of crowd-sourcing information from the public to help identify illegal dispensaries.

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3 comments on “LA Police Have New Tool to Help in Dispensary Crackdown
  1. Lyle Courtsal on

    Washington state supreme court decision overturns caps on the medical marijuana supply in Washington state; should be legal in other states too; based on medical necessity defense and also illegal to deny substances with provable beneficial medical efficacy.

  2. Michele Brooke, Esq. on

    My office is representing several defendants in the Los Angeles Proposition D cases filed by the city of Los Angeles. Very serious litigation. Recommend any illegal dispensaries close down and apply for licenses in Los Angeles, or other cities, as opportunities become available. Just helped with an application for Palm Springs; other cities making applications available. Or go into ancillary businesses to serve the industry if this is your “calling”.

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