Louisiana grower says medical cannabis rollout a ‘few weeks’ away

A Louisiana cultivator could soon start selling the state’s first medical marijuana products to retailers.

“We’re in the process of bottling the final formulations and we’re waiting to put the labels on the bottles that will describe the contents,” John Davis, a vice president of grower GB Sciences, told Baton Rouge TV station WAFB.

“That’s how close we are. We’re all aiming for the next few weeks.”

His company, which grows medical marijuana in conjunction with Louisiana State University, is one of two MMJ cultivators in the state.

The much-anticipated program rollout experienced numerous delays as a result of a dispute between state regulators and GB Sciences, testing policies and other issues.

Even when sales start, it’s expected that only a limited supply of medical marijuana will be available in the state’s nine licensed dispensaries.

The fledgling Louisiana medical cannabis market is small.

The recently released Marijuana Business Factbook projected sales will hit only $1.8 million-$2.2 million in 2019.

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6 comments on “Louisiana grower says medical cannabis rollout a ‘few weeks’ away
  1. Jill on

    It’s about time! As a chronically ill person I am desperately waiting for this to pass so I can legally get the medicine I need for my seizures my anxiety and depression and PTSD!! This makes me happy even though I know we still got a ways to go!! Way to go, Louisiana!

    • Barbara Clayton on

      That’s awesome. I hope it will happen sooner. Much love and thanks to all involved in bringing natural medicines to the people.

  2. Wyatt on

    It has still taken to long. Whenever I lived in Colorado, we didnt have problems with government, regulation and red tape, like we do here. I want my meds TODAY! NOT in a few weeks.

  3. James Woodside on

    I got mine today . $100 for $2 worth of thc somehow perfectly mixed into a 30ml bottle of coconut water …. I would need a bottle a day … it’s ridiculous

  4. Med card now on

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