Maine governor pledges veto of new rec cannabis implementation bill

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Maine Gov. Paul LePage indicated that he’ll again veto legislation to implement the 2016 voter-approved recreational marijuana industry in his state.

According to the Portland Press Herald, LePage said he’ll strike down the bill – passed by the full Maine Legislature last week – because the measure fails to combine the state’s existing medical marijuana program with a new rec system.

LePage vetoed an earlier rec implementation bill last year. But this time around the legislature garnered the votes needed to override a veto should a showdown between the legislature and the governor arise.

That could change if LePage follows through on his veto threat and House Republicans decide to follow LePage’s lead instead of backing the bill that has already passed, the newspaper reported.

The bill faces final votes in the state Senate this week, and once the bill is sent to LePage’s desk, he’ll have 10 days to veto it.

If the new bill does become law, the medical and recreational industries in Maine will operate under different sets of rules, including different tax rates. Rec MJ would be taxed at roughly 20%, while medical cannabis would be taxed at just 5.5% for flower and 8% for edibles, according to the Press Herald.