Maine tops $10 million in recreational marijuana sales for August

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Recreational marijuana sales in Maine totaled $10.2 million in August, the first time the state’s cannabis companies passed the $10 million mark in one month.

The Portland Press Herald reported that the state’s 53 licensed adult-use retailers reported 133,969 cannabis transactions, according to data released by the Maine Office of Marijuana Policy that cited a large number of out-of-state tourists driving the sales.

The average customer transaction for August was $76 per sale. Flower sales accounted for 59% of revenue during the three months ending Aug. 31, down from 76% when the market opened.

The state began adult-use sales less than a year ago, and sales each month have steadily outpaced the previous month.

The 2021 MJBizFactbook projected that Maine’s adult-use cannabis market will reach around $300 million a year in sales in its first four to five years. So far, the program has totaled roughly $48.9 million in sales.

The state currently has approved 53 retail stores, 47 cultivation sites and 24 manufacturing facilities, with 185 stores, 175 cultivation sites and 81 manufacturing facilities still going through the approval process.