Massachusetts cannabis commission asking for $7.5 million budget

The Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission expects to eventually pay for the state’s MMJ program through licensing and taxes, but it needs $7.5 million from the state to help fund the current fiscal year.

The state granted the oversight body $2.3 million earlier this year, and the additional $5.2 million would be used to pay for staff, operations and technology, reported.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Total operating costs for the commission are budgeted at $3.5 million.
  • Salaries for five commissioners account for $534,100.
  • The commission has budgeted $470,800 to pay senior agency staff.
  • Office space and license application processing and enforcement are expected to cost at least $600,000 each.
  • The commission’s budget also includes $750,000 for a seed-to-sale system, $700,000 to track licenses and $2.5 million for a revenue tracking and collection system.

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One comment on “Massachusetts cannabis commission asking for $7.5 million budget

    Five commissioners at $100,000 each per year, REALLY! I am sure it’s a very stressful position with extremely long hours, that requires a high level of education and great attention to detail.

    Is being a user of the product a job requirement? Would it make any sense to hire a Registrar of Motor Vehicles that does not have a drivers license?

    I am sure a through search is being conducted for the best people, that may or may not have had their license to practice law revoked, and that donated a sufficent amount to the right candidate.

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