Chart: Massachusetts recreational marijuana sales approach $140 million

After six full months of operations, Massachusetts adult-use marijuana sales continue to rise, with aggregate sales approaching $140 million through the last week in May.

The market enjoyed a solid launch the week of Thanksgiving 2018, and Massachusetts retailers have seen average month-over-month sales increases of 21% between December 2018 – the first full month of sales – and May 2019.

Average monthly sales to date are just under $23 million, with May sales of $34 million through May 29.

The state’s total aggregate of $139 million comes from sales of more than 3 million units of cannabis products, with average per-unit spending of $44.

As seen in other markets, raw flower comprised just under half of all dollar sales, with concentrates and infused products – both edibles and nonedible products (i.e., topicals) – collectively accounting for just over 50% of sales.

Raw and infused pre-rolls, kief and shake/trim each represented less than 1% each of dollar sales.

Massachusetts was the first on the Eastern Seaboard to legalize recreational use, and its retailers were expected to benefit from out-of-state traffic from population-dense New England neighbors in addition to sales to local residents.

Analysts with Crain’s New York estimate that up to 50% of adult-use sales in Massachusetts may be coming from New Yorkers.

The recently released Marijuana Business Factbook estimates 2019 recreational sales in Massachusetts will be in the range of $450 million-$500 million.

Here’s what else you need to know about the situation:

  • During the last week of May, average spending per customer was $44.30. Average units sold during this period were 29,140.
  • As of late May, the Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission (CCC) had issued final licenses to 58 retailers, 48 cultivators, 42 manufacturers and three testing labs.
  • In late May, the CCC voted 3-2 to approve a proposal that would launch a future social consumption pilot program in 12 volunteer communities across Massachusetts. Although this move has the potential to create new business opportunities in the state, a firm timeline for the pilot program has not been set.

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9 comments on “Chart: Massachusetts recreational marijuana sales approach $140 million
  1. Jeff l on

    Great for Massachusetts!
    Now get the rest of the union to back adult responsible recreational use and all the states could realize the hugh tax revenue there is to gain.
    Especially when all they seem to do is cry the spending bill hasn’t enough money.

  2. Susan on

    Seriously, tired of state and fed politicians looking for new ways to tax us when a lucrative resource is available. Opponents, please drop your archaic mind set and legalize/regulate marijuana for recreational use.

  3. Ross on

    Not cool I live in mass and now all you can smell is weed when driving down the roads. I would not call this responsible adult use. People feel like legal means they can use anywhere and endanger the entire community.

    • JP on

      Ross, you’re making a hyperbolic anti-mj rant on mjbizdaily…at 4am on a weeknight! Maybe a little CDB oil would help you calm down and get some shuteye?

      (Fwiw, I’m a regular mj user and much of the time I hear someone complaining about the smell of ‘weed’ outside it’s actually someone nearby smoking tobacco, or, in one hilarious case, the diesel exhaust of the bus we were all waiting to get on!)

    • jeff l on

      I get what your saying . But it could be a giant cloud from all the weed smoking from the housing units next to the freeway… might not be people driving….hopefully not.
      I love weed but i don`t drive when using.
      I wait til i`m in for the night then put some good comedy on and laugh like hell , get the munchies, then zonk out.

    • Kevin on

      That’s total BS my friend. I hate today it but the marijuana of today doesn’t leave a stink or smell nearly as strong as 20 years ago. You think just because pot shops opened that more ppl are smoking weed? Probably a few more who just don’t know anyone, but ppl have been smoking the same in your area for over 20 years and if u smell it now so u say, you should have been complaining about that a long time ago my friend. Peace n love to all. Might as well use the tax money to fix up neighborhoods and help the less fortunate! Fix the streets and create jobs! Not my town smells like weed now where ever I drive lmao. That has to be the dumbest thing I’ve heard or read in a long time! Cigarettes smell way worse and smell worse for a lot longer period of time! Looking at it that way all you would smell is cigarettes everywhere you went?! U whiny cry baby. U must not have a life? What about booze? U think it’s safer to down a six pack and go driving around or talking to ppl for that matter?? U can make decisions and still function if u smoke weed. Booze on the other hand causes a ton more problems than it does helping anyone that’s for sure! Do some research w all the time u have on ur hands! Be educated at least??

  4. Otis Chugach on

    I’m from Connecticut. I pay Massachusetts taxes because my state is too stupid to make their own money. But they sure do love complaining about not having enough money.

  5. Dr Greenthumb on

    Seriously, tired of state politicians looking for new ways to tax us when this revenue is well underway. If it is just going into someone’s pocket that should be stopped. We already pay the highest taxes overall in Ma.

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