Michigan Dispensary, Edibles Bills Back on Table

Michigan legislators are reviving bills that were shot down last year covering dispensaries, medical marijuana edibles and topicals.

Lawmakers behind the bills say the state needs clear rules and regulations concerning “provisioning centers” – or dispensaries – where patients can get medical cannabis, according to the Detroit News.

Under one measure, dispensaries would be subject to inspections and certifications and rules set by the state’s Licensing and Regulatory Affairs Department, the newspaper said. Another measure was designed to establish access to alternative forms of medications such as edibles and topicals.

The state’s attorney general and several organizations – including the Michigan Sheriffs’ Association and Michigan Association for Local Public Health – have opposed the legislation.

Michigan is one of a handful of MMJ states in the country that doesn’t have a regulatory infrastructure in place for the industry. Still, several hundred dispensaries exist. The metro area of Detroit alone is estimated to have anywhere from 50 dispensaries on the low end to 180 on the high end.


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