Michigan regulators propose medical marijuana home delivery, online orders

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michigan cannabis

Michigan medical marijuana regulators are proposing to allow online orders and home delivery, a move that would be a boon to businesses and would make it easier for patients to buy MMJ.

If the program goes forward, it wouldn’t happen soon enough to ease the MMJ market disruption that’s expected if Michigan adheres to a Sept. 15 deadline for its revised regulatory regime.

The deadline means that existing MMJ businesses that don’t get their state licenses by then will be required to close at least temporarily. Only seven dispensaries have received permanent licenses so far.

Michigan cannabis attorney Michael Stein, who represents a number of clients in the state’s MMJ industry, told Marijuana Business Daily the proposed delivery rule could be a “game changer” in which patients would have additional access to medication and dispensary sales would increase because of expanded market opportunities.

David Harns, spokesman for Michigan’s Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs, wrote in an email to MJBizDaily that home delivery was discussed by working groups last fall but not included in the state’s emergency rules for the MMJ industry.

“Now that the permanent rules are being drafted, the bureau has had enough time to research the issue and decided that it could be done in a safe manner,” he wrote.

Medical cannabis delivery vehicles would be equipped with a GPS device so they could be easily tracked.

A public hearing is scheduled for Sept. 17 for all proposed permanent rules, Harns reported. The current emergency rules are set to expire Nov. 30.

Home delivery, Harns said, would become an option for a licensed dispensary as soon as the permanent rules are in place and signed by the governor – and specific procedures for home delivery are approved by regulators.

Associated Press contributed to this report.