Missouri marijuana sales decline for third month in a row

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Marijuana sales in Missouri totaled $113.1 million in October – the lowest number since the market launched in February and the third month in a row that sales have declined.

Missouri consumers bought $95.5 million in adult-use products through October and $17.6 million in medical marijuana products, St. Louis-based Greenway Magazine reported.

Marijuana sales in Missouri have been slipping since August, when total sales reached $119 million, down from $123.2 million in July.

Total sales were down again in September, reaching $117.8 million, according to Greenway Magazine.

It’s not unusual for medical cannabis sales to decline when adult use is legalized, but it’s not yet clear why recreational marijuana sales in Missouri are declining as well.

Consumers in the state bought $71.7 million in adult-use products in February, the month in which the program launched.