Moldy cannabis gummies, mislabeled pre-rolls recalled in Canada

Regulated Canadian cannabis products recalled in February include potentially moldy THC-infused edibles, plus two different instances of pre-rolled joints with incorrect cannabinoid labeling.

The edibles recall involves one lot of strawberry-flavored THC Kiss Gummies produced by B.C.-based THC BioMed, 1,263 units of which were sold at a recreational marijuana retailer in Saskatchewan and directly to medical cannabis clients between December and February.

“The affected product may contain mold,” advised a Feb. 10 recall notice posted by Canadian cannabis regulator Health Canada.

THC BioMed received four complaints about the recalled lot, but no adverse reaction reports, according to Health Canada.

The recall comes shortly after another mold-related cannabis gummy recall in late January, affecting more than 330,000 units produced by TerrAscend Canada.

Two other February recalls involved incorrect cannabinoid content labelling, a relatively common cause of cannabis product recalls in Canada.

A Feb. 5 Health Canada recall notice for one lot of “Dancehall” pre-rolled joints from Peace Naturals Project’s Spinach brand affected 792 units that were sold in Quebec between January and early February.

Peace Naturals is a subsidiary of Cronos Group.

“A number of products in this lot were labelled incorrectly,” advised the notice.

“The affected products have labelled cannabinoid values that are lower than the actual cannabinoid values.”

The total THC and CBD values printed on the product labels were roughly 10% of their actual values, according to Health Canada’s notice.

No complaints or adverse reaction reports were received.

A Feb. 23 notice from Health Canada recalled 1,980 units of “Pineapple Cake” pre-rolled joints from We Grow BC’s QWEST brand.

The pre-rolls were sold between January and February and distributed by the Ontario Cannabis Store, which first posted the recall on Feb. 16.

Like the recalled Cronos pre-rolls, the recalled We Grow BC products had incorrect cannabinoid values printed on the labels, although the discrepancy was minor.

They erroneously listed total THC as 276.5 milligrams per gram, instead of the actual value of 277.5 milligrams per gram.

No complaints or adverse reaction reports were received by the producer or Health Canada.

Other Canadian cannabis recalls in 2021 have included moldy marijuana bud and melting all-in-one vape pens.

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3 comments on “Moldy cannabis gummies, mislabeled pre-rolls recalled in Canada
  1. Will Kelly on

    I am unsure how to report properly. But the daily special og kush vape cart, moldy material was used for those carts as well.

  2. Albert on

    Dear MJbizDaily,
    Please give the Canadians who buy their medical cannabis from dispensaries based on region, distance, delivery, mail, etc a form or a place (nice if it exists already) where one can alert/notify the board overseeing cannabis products and their quality controls as well as ensuring the correct levels of contents like THC or CBD percentages in edibles, tinctures, and flowers from certain dispensaries!?

    We need this quality control now more than ever! A forum or a website committed to dealing with Canadians reporting dispensaries selling shady products and a company that oversees things like date of expiration, level of THC in buds, edibles and tinctures.

    If we don’t have none of what I mentioned, then what are the second best options for reporting these dispensaries that do not abide by the rules?

    p.s. I would be surprised if Canada didn’t have an organization overseeing the quality and quanity of cannabis products already.

  3. Wan Lo on

    That organisation does exist, it’s Health Canada. They’re the main regulating body. If you’re buying from unregulated dispensaries and are dissatisfied, find a licenced one that only sells products from licensed producers.
    Regulation costs extra but comes with a guarantee of quality and gives you rights as a consumer. You don’t get that at Smokey’s late night Weed and Live Bait trailer.
    You’ll pay more for licensed products and if you notice a problem, the producers want to know about it.They will make it right with you.

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