New Mexico to ID medical cannabis producers online

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New Mexico’s medical marijuana program overseers are set to identify the state’s licensed MMJ producers publicly for the first time.

On Monday, the names of the 35 licensed nonprofit producers of MMJ were posted online, along with the addresses of 23 that are open to date. The information possibly raises the risk of attempted burglaries at dispensaries, but also potentially delivers further legitimacy to the state’s industry via public disclosure.

The full list of licensees can be viewed here.

The program said it would keep MMJ patient information confidential, as well as certain portions of producer information, such as the home addresses and personal telephone numbers of owners and employees, social security numbers, and other sensitive personal info.

Originally, the identities and locations of MMJ producers in the state were kept confidential except for patients, due to security concerns. The switch is thanks to a new change to state law requested by the governor, according to a statement on the program’s website. (An Albuquerque ABC affiliate attributes the change to a journalist demanding more transparency from the program.)

The change has been in the works since at least last July, when Gov. Susana Martinez gave the green light to disclosing the names and other information of MMJ producers in the state.