Oklahoma fines medical cannabis processor $500,000 for pesticide use

Oklahoma regulators levied a $541,000 fine on a medical marijuana business and ordered it to cease operations after allegedly exceeding pesticide limits and committing other violations.

The Edmond-based processor of concentrates and extracts, Moon Mix, was the subject of the state’s first product recall in May.

According to Oklahoma City TV station KWTV, state regulators found three batches of Moon Mix that tested above legal limits and were sold to customers.

A recent KWTV investigation “showed four different pesticides testing above the legal limit,” including bifenazate, and found customers who reported getting sick from using the products.

The pesticides can create harmful gases when heated and vaporized, according to the report.

A Moon Mix spokesman told the TV station that the company was preparing a response to the state’s action.

State regulators also alleged that the company illegally bought out-of-state marijuana products and sold them to family and friends.

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One comment on “Oklahoma fines medical cannabis processor $500,000 for pesticide use
  1. David martin on

    It’s almost like it’s legal, but only if the regulators get their piece of the pie. Ever wonder why they don’t want you growing your own? They can’t tax it.

    That’s how corrupt they are.


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