Job Fair Approach Comes to Cannabusiness Industry

The rapid growth of Colorado’s cannabis industry has created a greater demand for labor. The vape pen company OpenVape believes it can alleviate that demand.

OpenVape will host a job fair on Thursday, March 13 at its company headquarters in Denver. The fair, called “CannaSearch,” is open to anyone over 21.

At least 15 employers will also attend the event, and each will have a human resources employee on hand conducting interviews. Dixie Elixirs, Walking Raven, 420 Tours, Organa Labs and Southwest Alternative Care are all listed on the CannaSearch website.

, Job Fair Approach Comes to Cannabusiness IndustryOpenVape’s chief revenue officer Todd Michem said job seekers will be “pleasantly surprised at the number of well-paying mainstream positions” in the industry.

He said companies will be looking to fill positions in retail sales, marketing, accounting, and quality control, among other jobs. There is no charge for job seekers to attend, and so far, OpenVape has confirmed that 600 people have registered for the event.

Colorado’s recreational and medical marijuana industry has seen employment numbers surge since Jan. 1. But all employees must receive an occupational license from the Marijuana Enforcement Division, and the licensing procedure includes a background check.

According to the Department of Revenue’s latest numbers, there are 7,298 active occupational license holders in the state. But the DOR’s Enforcement Director Ron Kammerzell said that between 70-90 potential employees apply for licenses every day.