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Week in Review: California marijuana recalls, MA diversity issues & Detroit limits MMJ facilities

Two voluntary marijuana product recalls occur in California, financial hurdles stymie diversity in Massachusetts’ recreational MJ industry, and Detroit caps the number of medical cannabis licenses at 75. Here’s a closer look at some notable developments in the cannabis industry over the past week. Failing grades It’s been a month since mandated lab testing for […]

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How Trump’s trade battles are affecting the marijuana industry

The Trump administration’s imposition of tariffs on China is expected to have a direct impact on several sectors of the marijuana industry – in particular, cannabis vaporizer companies. Others likely to be affected include: Cultivation operations that want to expand their greenhouse facilities. Growers that need to buy lighting equipment. Brands that purchase packaging from […]

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Sustainable cultivation practices can boost a marijuana company’s bottom line

OutCo, a cannabis cultivation, manufacturing and retail company in Southern California, marked a milestone May 7: It harvested its final crop grown under high-pressure sodium lights.

The company needed a couple of years to transition from the powerful but power-sucking HPS lights used by most commercial growers today to more expensive – but more efficient – LED lights.

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Ontario’s cannabis pivot could create massive retail opportunities

A week after it was reported that Ontario froze leasing efforts for its monopoly cannabis retail chain, Canada’s largest province appears to be on the verge of handing adult-use marijuana sales entirely to the private sector. The news, first reported by Cannabis Compliance Vice President Deepak Anand and then in The Globe and Mail, would reverse the […]

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Week in Review: San Diego cannabis lawyer off the hook, VT targets gifting & Sweet Leaf reprieve

San Diego’s district attorney agrees to drop felony charges against a marijuana attorney, Vermont cracks down on “gifting” adult-use MJ, and Sweet Leaf wins a temporary reprieve from destroying $7.5 million worth of cannabis.

Here’s a closer look at some notable developments in the cannabis industry over the past week.

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