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The power of data, fundraising and expansion: Q&A with Headset’s Cy Scott

When Cy Scott, Scott Vickers and Brian Wansolich co-founded the strain and dispensary listings website Leafly in 2010, a developed marijuana consumer market already existed. The legal cannabis industry, however, was still getting started. Leafly thrived and, before long, caught the attention of Privateer, a cannabis-focused holding firm that bought the web company in 2011 […]

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Week in Review: CA marijuana rules, Maryland’s MMJ launch & Sessions + cannabis

California reveals the licensing rules for its marijuana industry, Maryland’s medical cannabis appears ready to launch, and U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions indicates the DOJ has no plans to suppress the marijuana industry. Here’s a closer look at some notable developments in the marijuana industry over the past week.

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3 medical marijuana titans team on ‘epic’ partnership to serve global market

A groundbreaking marijuana joint venture has been created. Three leading international cannabis businesses are pooling their intellectual property and technology to create products for the global marijuana market, starting with Canada. Under the joint venture, Ontario’s Canopy Growth will give ownership stakes in one of its wholly owned licensed medical marijuana producers to Amsterdam’s Green House […]

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Marijuana industry’s future is bright, MJBizCon speakers say

New Jersey recreational marijuana legalization may be a highlight of 2018; it’s possible but unlikely the Trump administration will crack down on the U.S. cannabis industry; and major mainstream corporations are “not going to miss out” on the business opportunities presented by the burgeoning marijuana trade. Those are just a few of the highlights from […]

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Hemp State Highlight: North Dakota growing lots of hemp, but market potential is limited

Few states are growing more hemp than North Dakota. With more than 3,000 acres in active hemp production and an unparalleled system for getting viable, certified seeds to interested growers, North Dakota could one day be the hemp leader it is for other agricultural commodities from corn to flaxseed.

But North Dakota has natural enemies that can limit hemp’s ability to thrive, as well as manmade enemies that limit the plant’s potential uses.

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Chart: Most effective forms of advertising for cannabis businesses

Many marijuana business owners identified word of mouth and social media as the most effective methods of marketing/advertising for their companies, according to data gathered for the Marijuana Business Factbook 2017. Small marketing budgets, restrictions on certain forms of advertising and resistance from mainstream media platforms to accept cannabis-related ads mean marijuana businesses must find […]

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