Poll: Support building for legalized marijuana in Texas

Support for legalizing marijuana is on the rise in Texas, a new poll shows.

More than 80% of Texans support legal cannabis of any kind, and 53% of those favor recreational use, according to a University of Texas/Texas Tribune poll released Tuesday. Those numbers increased from 76% and 42%, respectively, since a 2015 poll.

In the latest poll:

  • 32% of Texans would allow possession of small amounts.
  • 30% would permit medical marijuana use.
  • 21% would be OK with possession of any amount.
  • 17% would not allow possession of any kind.

Backing for a medical cannabis-only program has fallen the last couple of years, the poll shows, but support for legalization of recreational marijuana has increased over that span.

“The number of people who want to keep marijuana completely illegal decreased by seven points … and those who said any amount should be legal increased by six points,” Jim Henson, co-director of the poll and head of Texas Politics Project at the university, told the Tribune.

The poll shows that Democrats are more likely to say yes to marijuana legalization than Republicans (62%-41%) and more men than women would legalize (60%-48%), the Tribune reported.

Texas’ medical marijuana program currently limits patients to CBD oils, and only if they have epilepsy. However, a bill was introduced in the Texas Legislature in December that would create a true medical marijuana program.

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2 comments on “Poll: Support building for legalized marijuana in Texas
  1. Mamie Sharrieff-Schrean on

    I know it would help the VETRANS WITH PTSD, and children who have medical issues and nothing else is working, cancer has been help and many other disease and illness. I will not come too soon for the VETERANS i was told by one veteran it makes him feel calm and he does not think about what happen.

  2. Ashley on

    Anyone who is still against the legalization of marijuana is completely ignorant of the facts concerning medical benefits and how keeping it illegal is used to exploit the work of nonviolent offenders. It’s very frustrating to see so many oppose it on ‘moral’ grounds, when their opposition perpetuations immoral conditions.

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