Salt Lake district attorney supports Utah’s medical marijuana plan

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The top prosecutor in Utah’s largest city is speaking out in support of an effort to legalize medical marijuana.

Salt Lake County District Attorney Sim Gill said Tuesday that using medical cannabis should be a decision between a patient and a doctor rather than a criminal matter.

The DA expressed his support for medical marijuana at a time when supporters of an MMJ ballot initiative are trying to fend off opponents’ increasing efforts to keep them off the ballot.

The Utah Patients Coalition has submitted enough signatures to qualify for the ballot by a comfortable margin, but opponents of the measure are now going back to those voters and asking them to remove their signatures.

MMJ supporters say opponents like the Utah Medical Association are using deceptive tactics to flip voters. The physicians’ group denies misleading anyone but says people should know about their concerns.

Utah’s MMJ legalization campaign also faces opposition from the governor and the Mormon church.

– Associated Press