Anti-medical marijuana group aims to thwart Utah initiative

An anti-marijuana group is attempting to convince Utah voters to abandon their support of an initiative to put medical cannabis on the November ballot.

Salt Lake City TV station KSTU reported Thursday that Drug Safe Utah is “hiring canvassers and recruiting volunteers” to visit voters who signed the petition in order to query their support of the initiative.

“A lot of the people that we have talked to, they had no idea what they were signing,” Drug Safe Utah President Michelle McOmber told KSTU. The group was created in part by the Utah Medical Association.

The Utah Patients Coalition, which led the initiative, already has claimed that enough signatures have been verified for the issue to be placed on the ballot.

The state of Utah’s own election site showed 154,981 valid signatures as of Friday, 40,000 more than the 113,143 needed.

But Utah Elections Director Justin Lee this week told Marijuana Business Daily that it’s not a done deal.

“The counties have until May 15 to verify all of the signatures, then our office has until June 1 to certify the petitions,” Lee wrote in an email. “Nothing is official until that time.”

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3 comments on “Anti-medical marijuana group aims to thwart Utah initiative
  1. Richard on

    I fled Utah because of the poor health care.
    Every day, three times a day I took, three of each of my seven medications.
    The So called Doctor couldn’t understand why my kidneys were terrible, why I was falling down. No clue!
    One day four months ago I asked him to take me off the meds and prescribe Medical Marijuana and his response was to almost fall of his stool.
    Needless to I have moved to a legal Medical Marijuna state and no longer take the Pharmacy Meds but take vitamins and smoke my Marijuana for my pains and ills.

    So, for all of the busy bodies or have religious leanings, LEAVE US ALONE. You will understand when you have been smashed in cars, had cancer and may still, PTSD, Chronic Migraines and other illnesses or you’re getting old. I’m 72 and have those prior illnesses.
    Let the Patients be treated! Allow Medical Marijuana.

  2. John on

    Richard, ignorance is a funny thing when it is displayed by so called intelligent people. I’m a five year pancreatic cancer survivor, whipple surgery, 6 mos of chemo and 2 mos radiation. I also suffer chronic pain from a serious mountain biking accident and several other surgeries from a very active lifestyle. It’s not that I want to wish ill health but like to see how they would handle dealing with serious health challenges for them or their loved ones. I’m also a veteran and a very active volunteer.

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