Scatterday appointed CEO of marijuana tech firm Tilt Holdings

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Tilt Holdings, a Massachusetts-based cannabis company with a focus on technology, on Wednesday installed Mark Scatterday as permanent CEO.

He had served as the company’s interim CEO since May 2019.

In another move, Tilt announced that Chief Operating Officer Tim Conder also will serve as company president.

Scatterday told Marijuana Business Daily last September that, in his interim role, he planned to focus capital “where it is really needed” and grow the company’s business in constrained markets such as Massachusetts.

On Wednesday, he said he plans to grow the “business around a refined strategy of technology and innovation.”

Scatterday had a busy start as interim CEO, including:

Before joining the company as interim CEO, Scatterday was the founder and CEO of Jupiter Research, a vaping technology company acquired by Tilt in January 2019.