Washington’s Recreational Cannabis Shortage Continues

Retail cannabis stores in Washington state are still struggling to replenish their depleted inventories, with some saying it could take a few days or even another week to secure more supplies.

Cannabis City – the only recreational shop to open in Seattle when sales began July 8 – ran out of marijuana last Friday and has been unable to obtain additional stock.

The owner said he might not get another delivery of cannabis until July 21.

Two stores in Vancouver, Washington, also ran out of cannabis in recent days. One closed and plans to reopen Friday, while the other continues to sell paraphernalia and non-marijuana products and hopes to have cannabis available again today.

Some shops – including Top Shelf Cannabis and 2020 Solutions in Bellingham – reportedly still have inventory but are running low.

The industry’s struggles stem from an overall shortage of marijuana in the state.

, Washington’s Recreational Cannabis Shortage ContinuesOnly a handful of growers received their licenses in time to cultivate cannabis for the launch of recreational sales in Washington, meaning supply is extremely limited.

Officials believe the shortage will end soon. The Liquor Control Board has reportedly licensed 100 growers, who are currently cultivating approximately 700,000 square feet of marijuana canopy.

Still, it’s unclear when these cultivation sites will be ready to harvest, so retail stores could face supply problems for the foreseeable future.

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3 comments on “Washington’s Recreational Cannabis Shortage Continues
  1. Doc Deadhead on

    700,000 square feet is equal to 12 standard between-the-posts football fields. Same as 77,777 square yards or 65,000 square meters. Avg. yield per square meter per year can be 3.3 lbs.
    3.3 x 65,000 = 214,500 pounds for the entire state and tourists.

    That’s less than 600 pounds per day for the ENTIRE STATE!!!!!!

    No where near enough. Don’t expect a restocking to usable levels until croptober.

  2. linda warren on

    THANX!! LCB for opening the growing market…Who was doing their projections??? Just ask any old-time user…Go Big or Go Home…Croptober….harvest time is coming for the rec. industry…Protect the little farmer…there will be room for all…

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